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MassARRAY technology by Sequenom (MassARRAY Analyzer 4) and its Epityper software leads to accurate and reproducible DNA methylation mapping. Running customers projects is easily possible by flexible experimental design, meaning scalable for investigating a few or several hundred regions over mutiple samples.  




Pyrosequencing platform (ID or Q24 instrument) by Qiagen enables fast and reliable quantification of methylation status at single base solution. Our Pyrosesequencing service offers quantitative methylation values within sequence context for individual or mutiple CpG sites.


Ready-to-use assays for epigenetics

In addition to your customized methylation projects we run ready-to-use assays manufactured by our own, Sequenom, Qiagen or other suppliers. Including high resolution melting analysis (HRM analysis) on qPCR basis. Please ask for your ideas.

MassARRAY Data Output (Spectrum and Epigram)