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Sequenoms MassARRAY technology (MassARRAY Analyzer 4 and iPLEX Gold chemistry) is a leading technology for SNP genotyping. Platform is widely used for mapping and validation of GWAS studies and is also privileged for routine testing of SNP panels. Its MALDI-TOF based technology makes it easy to characterize quick and cost effective genotypes at highest levels of reproducibility. Especially for translational projects our service is the method of choice.





Pyrosequencing for mutation analysis and genotyping by Qiagen (ID or Q24 instrument) improves the detection range of genotyping assays. Pyrosequencing services can enhance genetic analyses by delivering explicit and also quantitative sequence data also for small budgets.



Ready-to-use assays for genotyping


Predesigned genotyping assays are available for all platforms: MassARRAY, Pyrosequencing, Sanger and qPCR.

MassARRAY Genotyping
Pyrogram of genotyping